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Important Note

  • After the installation or upgrade you have to open and save the "Configuration" (of Secretary) which you can find on the left side.

Main new features

  • Locations
    • Since 1.0 it is possible to manage multiple businesses. Now you can add offices, warehouses, venues and other 'rooms' to your businesses.
  • Incremental document numbers
    • When you create or edit a documents folder (e.g. Invoices, Quotes), add the syntax {CNT} or {CNT start=0} (for a start at zero) to the folder number. In the following example two invoices were already created, so when you open a new form, the system will suggest the next number as 3
  • Currencies
    • As a new "Standard" it allows you to manage documents with different currencies for a single business.
  • Documents via Frontend
    • Your customers can view their invoices, quotes etc. on your website through a specific link. However, you must first enable this feature in the "Configuration" (System).
  • Documents via Email
    • You can send your invoices, quotes etc. via Email and as an attachment with one click. If you add an email for the contact in the document form, then a new "Email" tab will appear.
  • More: Installation Routine for Premium Features, a better autocomplete algorithm for products



  • Look for the category "solved" in the Support forum
  • Access
    • 1.4.0 is also a security update with the new access permission 'show.other'. This means that a user group can not only view their own entries but also from others.


Please download immediately the newest version of Secretary mPDF in the download section and reinstall it at your system.

Download mPDF (by Ian Back)

  • New
    • Since 1.3.3 you have the opportunity to create sample data right after the installation. The sample data are a business with the folders invoices, quotes and groups customers, employees, suppliers. All informations are editable afterwards.
  • Bugfixes for Contacts Map, Contacts Charts, Empty forms of address

Download Secretary 1.3.3

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