Please upgrade to the latest version 2.6.7. Mainly the Times and Stock Markets section have been improved. Enjoy it

The main new feature is the full supportance of a portfolio manager, that allows you to track stocks, funds or indices.

Live Demo here :

This update comes with the strong feature of AngularJS Chat that allows you to communicate with your users without reloading the page. Before using it check the configuration of Secretary under the tab "areas"

This update contains a major revision of the 2 template-{tags} in which the hard-coding stuff were removed. This allows you a higher flexibility with the design of your individual HTML template. Although I am always endeavor to ensure that the update completely automatic, in this case a manual intervention from your side cannot be avoided. It is the very first and hopefully last time.

You have to adapt the syntax in your templates as follows:

from this


to that


{taxtotal text=[% Mwst.]} {taxtotal_start}

      <td>{taxtotal_percent}% Mwst</td>
      <td class="text-right">{taxtotal_value}</td>



      <td class="item-quantity">{item_quantity}</td>
      <td class="item-entity">{item_entity}</td>
      <td class="item-title">{item_title}<br />{item_desc}</td>
      <td class="item-price">{item_price}</td>
      <td class="item-total">{item_total}</td>


Same for {item_doc_start}


Main changes from 2.2. to 2.3:

  • Frontend
    • less code
    • new views
  • Google Maps
    • dynamic zoom level
    • option to enter API Key in Configuration
  • Miscellaneous
    • batch processing for template (Documents, Products, Subjects)
    • Messages Frontend Bugfixes
    • Documents search (extended + better performance)
    • Uploads was renamed to Files (extended functionality: auto-generated files)

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